About Us

Andreea Cristina Munteanu

I am an entrepreneur at Alpha Distribution IVS, one of the two shareholders. I am also currently a full-time student getting my Bachelor’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UCL Odense. I decided to continue my studies after my Service Economy also at UCL program where I have discovered I may have entrepreneurial aspirations. I am Romanian and almost five years ago I have decided to make Denmark my permanent residence. Another accomplishment of mine is my other Bachelor’s degree from the University of Bucharest in English and Romanian Literature and Language. I am a highly motivated, creative and ambitious individual and I believe this will be a great help in my new entrepreneurial ventures. I love reading, spending time with my partner who is also my fiancée and making fun of our cat.

Alexandru Daniel Roman

I am an entrepreneur at Alpha Distribution IVS, one of the two shareholders. I have a background in IT Engineering, with an AP degree from UCL Odense. This has allowed me to develop my passions in programming and system security. Before I decided to start my own business, I worked on creating a network whilst doing my job as a full-time employee, a driver. I am a responsible, ambitious individual, thus succeeding in creating a meaningful professional relationship with the management at my workplace. This has given me the opportunity of starting my own company with limited resources. I am Romanian, living in Denmark since I was 18 years old. I like to spend my free time playing video games or going out with my fiancée. 


We are developing an online presence to clearly portray our goals, service and methods in which we conduct our business. We started working on creating a new service within the industry and we are testing the market to assess the growth opportunities for our company. We want to grow whilst making sure we provide a good service for our current clients and assuring that our employees are happy and respected. We are considering the sustainability of the environment which is why all of our cars are small engines and they run on petrol. This is the best we can do at the moment so the company remains financially viable as well. We are focusing on growing our customer base and differentiate ourselves in the market.


Our vision is to extend the company whilst continuing to provide quality service to our clients. We are considering vertical integration for the future, acquiring or making a partnership with a mechanical garage. We try to be as mindful as we can to sustainability, improving our methods as the company grows. We consider that every small improvement that can be done to ensure the environment’s longevity should be done, which is why we will continue to do our best. In the next five years we will acquire more vehicles and assets, to assure an organic growth of the company according to our principles.